Thoughts on 19/2/2006

UP Minister for Minority Welfare Yaqoob Qureshi should be arrested and prosecuted for announcing Rs.51 crore award for beheading of Danish editor. Giving a contract for a murder is a crime. The Governor should dismiss him immediately. Otherwise President should intervene.
The first session of a year of Lok Sabha has to be addressed by the President and the first session of a year of Legislative Assembly has to be addressed by the Governor. A session of a year has to end on December 31 and can not be extended to another year. Violations of this constitutional provision have taken place. Should not take place in future.
Hunting and agriculture are older than prostitution. Prostitution should not be confused with sex.
Dancing nude is not a sin. It is not adultery or fornication. Pondicherry should not be called sin city because of nude dances.

Updated: June 26, 2014 — 12:22 pm

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