Thoughts on 10/11/2007

It is for the couples to decide when to have their first child. Couples generally prefer to have their first child within first year of marriage. Satara Zilla Parishad’s scheme asking couples to delay their first child for two to three years and offering Rs.5,000/- and Rs.7,500/- for staying childless for two and three years after marriage should be scrapped.

Appointing Anil Kumble captain for Pakistan series was a right decision. We have to take each series as it comes.

USA had different standards for Burma and Pakistan. In both countries there is suppression of democracy. There are sanctions against Burma. No sanctions against Pakistan.

Release of films is not national news. News channels should not give prominence to them.

Price of oil has gone up. Government should allow the rupee to appreciate. There should be no subsidies.

As per reports, Mukesh Ambani’s house will cost Rs.4000 crores. He gave a jet costing Rs.274 crores as birthday gift to his wife. How much Income Tax he has paid? He should have paid Rs.1,830 crores Income Tax. If not, something is wrong with our tax laws or enforcement.

One cannot be NRI for tax purposes and resident Indian for election purposes. Vijay Mallya’s status needs to be made clear.

All cardinals must have the right to vote in a conclave. At present the number of cardinals above eighty are not allowed to vote in a conclave. The number of those who can vote is restricted to 120. The total number of cardinals is around 200. No new cardinals should be appointed till the number comes down to 120 and then all cardinals must be allowed to vote in a conclave. The proportion of European cardinals in general and Italian cardinals in particular is large.

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