Test of justice

The conviction of Sunil More after eleven months and a few days of rape at Marine Drive has restored confidence in people that justice will be done. After Jessica Lall murder case when all the accused were aquitted there was cynicism about open and shut cases. The rich and the powerful got away. Sunil More was neither rich nor powerful. He was a constable. Though the judgment was delivered within one year the trial was not as fast as in Rajasthan courts where rapists were convicted within 20 days of the crime.

Rajasthan judicial system will be tested when the judgment in the case of rape of German tourist by the son of Orissa DGP is delivered. The criminal is using all means to prevent conviction. One witness has backed off. The victim was receiving SMSes and phone calls from criminal’s side. If the criminal is convicted Rajasthan and India will send the message that nobody can escape justice.

Updated: July 10, 2014 — 1:07 am

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