Terror and talks

Terror and talks cannot go together.
That was the BJP line when UPA was in power. BJP opposed talks with Pakistan. After BJP came to power there were talks with Pakistan for some time. Terror continued. Talks stopped.
Army controls Pakistan. Pakistan’s army does not want peace with India because it reduces the importance of army. Nawaz Sharif tried for peace. Once he was overthrown by the army. Second time army used judiciary to disqualify him. Army dictates to judiciary what orders to give. One judge said army and ISI should not dictate to judiciary. That did not make a difference. During Pakistan’s elections Nawaz Sharif and his daughter were in jail. They continued in jail for a month after Imran Khan became Prime Minister.
On 20/9/2018 MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar said Sushma Kumar and Shah Mehmood Qureshi will meet in New York during United Nations General Assembly session. This came as a surprise as terror had not stopped. Pakistanis had shot dead and slit the throat of a BSF jawan. Raveesh Kumar repeatedly said the meeting was at the request of Pakistan. It was not dialogue. Repeating was unnecessary as if a favour was being done. To say it was a meeting and not a dialogue was playing with words. When two sides talk it is a dialogue.
On 21/9/2018 MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar said the meeting has been cancelled. Two reasons were given. One, abduction and murder of three J&K policemen by terrorists. Two, Pakistan releasing 20 postal stamps honouring terrorists.
Imran Khan had talked to Narendra Modi and written about having talks. Modi agreed for talks though situation in Kashmir had become worse. Imran Khan wants Kashmir to be part of Pakistan. For him India’s terrorists are Pakistan’s freedom fighters. This was well-known.
Terrorists killing Kashmiris is a new phenomenon. Their targets used to be Indian soldiers and paratroopers from outside Kashmir. Kashmiris in army, paratroops and police force were spared. Now they are also targets.
Surgical strikes in 2016 did not have the desired effect. Modi’s talk of 56 inch chest before he became Prime Minister sounds hollow.
Government should crack down on sections of media that do not mention terrorists as terrorists but refer to them as militants or extremists. They should be warned and if they do not comply their licences should be revoked.
India does not allow bilateral cricket series with Pakistan. It allows cricket matches with Pakistan in tournaments like World Cup, Champions Trophy and Asia Cup. This time India is the host for Asia Cup. Government did not permit BCCI to invite Pakistan. BCCI shifted Asia Cup to UAE. Government should tell BCCI that when India is the host the matches should be held in India. Otherwise BCCI should not be host. When there are Lok Sabha elections BCCI shifts IPL matches outside India. Government should tell BCCI if they shift IPL matches outside India during any year they will not get security during other years.

Updated: September 21, 2018 — 10:37 pm

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