Tatasky nightmare

Today, 22/3/2016, in the evening my Tatasky English Entertainment Package channels were not accessible. I had paid the subscription on 9/3/2016 which is valid till 10/4/2016. It is unpleasant when you are told you have not subscribed and a nightmare when you have to go through long process of telephone calls and SMSes and still not successful in getting the channels restored.
Tonight I sent to Tatasky this e-mail. I am sure some of you will have similar experience.
“I am a subscriber to English Entertainment Package which has channels Star World, AXN, FX, Comedy Central, Colors Infinity and Zee Café. Today till 2.34 p.m. I could view them. After that for about 2 hours my TV was off. After that I put it on and I could not view Enen channels. I saw the message which said “You have not subscribed to these channels.” At 8.36 p.m. I contacted Tatasky. Getting to talk to a customer service executive was a nightmare. Repeatedly I had to press 1 or press 2. Then repeatedly there was tape recorded message which went something like this. “Your waiting time is 3 minutes. Our customer service executive is busy assisting other customers. Your call is important to us.” After several rounds I got someone who said he was Anurag. I told him about not getting Enen channels. He told me to send SR to 56633. I did that. The call lasted 7.03 minutes and cost me Rs.10.58. At 8.54.47 p.m. I received a message “Kindly ensure your Digicomp on power on mode so that you receive all the Tata Sky services you have subscribed to. Thank you for your patience!” I waited for half an hour. Enen channels were not restored. I sent SMS “It is 30 mns since I rcd yr reply. Still no sign of restoration of Enen channels Star World AXN FX ZEE CAFÉ Colors Infinity Comedy Central. Pls restore imdtly. They were there till 2.34 pm.” I got the reply “Invalid Request. Please call our helpline on 18602086633 or log on to www.mytatasky.com for any further assistance.” I tried a Tatasky number again and gave up when I had to listen to tape recorded message.
Please do the needful and restore all Enen channels – Star World, AXN, FX, ZEE CAFÉ, Colors Infinity, and Comedy Central.”
I hope things will be better. Customers should not be kept waiting. The option of contacting executive should be in the first round instead of repeatedly saying press 1, press 2 etc.

Updated: March 22, 2016 — 11:00 pm

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  1. I also had bad experience with Tata Sky.Glad you wrote about it.For me, the situation was 6 of the total number of channels were beamed hazily.On repair, they charged me which I felt was unfair since the problem was in their transmission.
    ignoring my plea, they cut services until the amount demanded was paid.Service has become last pririty for these organizations…

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