Sports and IOA

Sports Minister M. S. Gill came up with an order restricting the tenure of officials of IOA and its affiliates. He fixed the retirement age at 70.
The officials were upset. They challenged the minister and have gone to court. They claim restricting terms and fixing retirement age of IOA officials is against Olympic Charter and India can be expelled from Olympics.
Politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen have headed sports bodies in India for decades without accountability. IOA claims it is autonomous. The performance of officials has been pathetic. They ruined hockey. In other sports it has been from bad to worse. If India got some medals in Olympics it was despite these officials.
Government money, which is paid by taxpayers, sustains IOA. IOA has to be accountable to the people. If officials do not want to give up posts no money should be given to IOA. If IOC expels India so be it.
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