Shazia Ilmi versus Sonia Gandhi

There is talk of Kumar Vishwas contesting against Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha elections. AAP wants to put strong candidates against leaders of other parties. BJP, BSP, and SP are unlikely to risk their top leaders against Sonia Gandhi. AAP can field Shazia Ilmi versus Sonia Gandhi. That will be an interesting contest.

Shazia Ilmi is a familiar face on TV. She needs no introduction. She lost Delhi election by 324 or 326 votes. She said she lost by 324 votes. One report said she lost by 326 votes. If she is in the fray it will not be cakewalk for Sonia Gandhi. During UP elections in 2012 Congress candidates had done badly in Amethi and Rae Bareli, seven of ten candidates lost, despite propaganda by Priyanka Gandhi. Till then there was a clamour that Priyanka Gandhi should take a leading role in Congress. The defeat put paid to that.

Similarly AAP can have candidates against leaders of BJP, BSP, SP, JD(U), TMC and so on. Preeti Sharma Menon can contest against Sushma Swaraj in Vidisha. Rahul Mehra can contest against Lal Krishna Advani. If Lal Krishna Advani does not contest, Rahul Mehra can contest against Narendra Modi. Mayank Gandhi can contest against Sharad Pawar. Yogendra Yadav can contest against Mulayam Singh Yadav.

No opponent will take AAP candidates likely. AAP has scared the living daylights of other political parties. Arvind Kejriwal defeated Sheila Dikshit.

Arvind Kejriwal talked of First Front. I do not see such a possibility. It is difficult to find a party that has high ideals of AAP. Even Jayaprakash Narayan of Lok Satta talked of compromise and forming government. It is important for AAP to contest all 543 seats.

Indira Gandhi had lost to Raj Narayan in 1977. Shazia Ilmi defeating Sonia Gandhi is a possibility.


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  1. Don’t forget jokers who had no idea of governance got elected in the euphoria of 1977 but the same people of India BOOTED THEM OUT in 1980.

    Three years and it was over and out.

    AAP is in the same league as Raj Narain with zero idea of governance and zero concept of good policy. It is easy to defeat the fools and criminals who form part of Congress and BJP today, but it is much harder to stay in power.

    What AAP needs is to align very closely with those with SERIOUS experience and knowledge of policy and governance. And there is none better than Lok Satta and Swarna Bharat Party for this today (plus a number of other outfits including many good people like Jagadish Shettigar who have left BJP).

    The Rule of Law Front is having its preparatory meeting on 22 December 2013 (

  2. Shazia against Mrs Gandhi, That will be a pathetic defeat for Ms Ilmi. Its too tough to challenge Mrs Gandhi on her turf. Shazia is not strong enough to give a challenge. I am not sure whether Sonia will contest elections this time anyway.

  3. yes sir, shazia is not strong to fight against congress giant sonia, but people of rae bareli are stronger than her. If they want they will defeat sonia and put a good citizen to represent them. lets see how people vs sonia turned out to be.

  4. shazia ilmi has been made only bali ka bakara.she will surely loose elec in front of she would refuse to contest in this seat.she should alloted to delhi seat.dont make shazia a meal of sonia

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