Sack Ujjwal Uke

Maharashtra government should sack principal secretary of Women and Child Development Department Ujjwal Uke for his comments against judgment in Shakti Mills gang rape case in which three repeat rapists got death sentence under IPC 376E. The post of principal secretary of Women and Child Development Department should have been held by a woman. A government employee has no liberty to go against government and when he does he should be sacked immediately. Ujjwal Uke has posted his comments on web sites. He has asked “What is this concept of justice? An eye for an eye. Does the quantum of punishment really act as an effective deterrent? What are the victims feeling? Do they feel justice is done or will they be carrying another load on their heads?”
An eye for an eye is proportionate punishment. If it is not effective deterrent we can make it two or more eyes for an eye. In case of repeat rape it means castration and death on the same day. Victims are feeling fine. They want repeat rapists to be hanged. They are waiting for all appeals to be over and president to reject mercy petitions and after that within 14 days hanging of repeat rapists. They feel justice is done by Bombay City Civil Sessions Court Principal Judge Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi by her landmark judgment that sentenced Vijay Jadhav (18), Mohammad Qasim Shaikh (20) Salim Ansari (27) to death and other judges have to do justice.
Ujjwal Uke says “As per the chargesheet, Tarun Tejpal committed rape twice. If there are separate convictions for November 7 episode and the November 8 episode, he too will be liable for the death penalty.”
No tears need to be shed for Tarun Tejpal. What Ujjwal Uke calls episodes are legally rapes which are crimes. If Tarn Tejpal hangs for repeat rapes so be it.
A dead man cannot commit another rape or murder. There was a man who was acquitted in an attempted murder case. He met 22 women at different times. He lied about his identity. He married them. He had sex with them. Next morning he gave them cyanide pills saying they were birth control pills. The women died.

Updated: April 15, 2014 — 7:38 am

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