Rogue Nation

There is fake news, paid news, and false propaganda.
One channel has referred to North Korea as a rogue nation and India should be concerned about it. North Korea can hit India with missiles. The news report sounded American propaganda.
North Korea is not a threat to India. North Korea is not India’s enemy. India has no border dispute with North Korea. India should be concerned about China and Pakistan. They occupy Indian territory. North Korean missiles will have to fly over China to come to India. That will be violation of China’s sovereignty. China is stronger than North Korea.
North Korea has developed missiles and nuclear weapons for its defence. It knows what happened to Iraq and Libya. Syria would have gone the same way. Russia prevented it.
Libyan mess has resulted in immigrant crisis in Italy. Greece has immigrants from Syria and other countries. Immigrants who came as refugees have committed rapes and other crimes in Austria, Germany, Sweden and other countries.
It was foolish on the part of Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to give up their nuclear weapons when they split from USSR. Iran should not have stopped its nuclear programme. India should not have gone along with sanctions against Iran. Nuclear Iran would have been a threat to Pakistan.
USA abets, arms, sponsors and trains terrorists. It calls them freedom fighters. Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al Nusra, Mujahuddeen and other groups were supported by USA.
It is wrong for India to condemn North Korea for nuclear weapons. USA had condemned India and imposed sanctions for nuclear tests in 1998.
USA, UK, France and Norway are rogue nations which helped Israel become a nuclear power. Israel supports terrorists in Syria. Israel is a rogue nation.
USA wants to sell arms to Japan and South Korea. American military industry wants to profit from war.
USA is not concerned about democracy. USA has toppled many democracies. There is no democracy in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Saudi Arabia buys arms from USA and USA is happy about it. Saudi Arabia kills civilians in Yemen and USA is silent about it. No talk of Saudi Arabia as a rogue nation.
Regime change in the name of removing a dictator has led to instability in Iraq and Libya.
India should resist American domination. India should continue to do business with North Korea. India should remember how USA treated Devyani Khobragade. India has to act alone against Pakistan and China.

Updated: September 7, 2017 — 7:33 am

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