Rioting in Mulund

On Saturday, 21/6/2008, Sikhs demanding arrest of Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim rioted in Mulund.

They brandished swords, damaged buses, blocked trains and threw stones at trains.

Many commuters ducked.

The culprits must be arrested.

Cost of damage must be recovered from them.

TV channels have shown the people who blocked trains and threw stones on trains.

It is not difficult to arrest them.

If it is not known who damaged buses the cost must be recovered from the leaders.

It looks like we live in dark ages.

Riots take place.

Rioters go unpunished.

This emboldens others.

Why is Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim provided with Z+ security? He is an accused in rape and murder cases.

Is it because he supported Congress? R. R. Patil, Home Minister of Maharashtra, must state that rioters will have to pay for their crimes.

Whether their demand was legitimate or not is a separate issue.

They have broken the law, caused hardship to people who have nothing to do with Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim, endangered the lives of people and damaged property.

They must pay for their crimes.

Updated: July 5, 2014 — 3:24 am

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