Reservation in private sector

The Government of India wants 5% reservation for SCs/STs in private sector. Reservation in government jobs itself is a bad idea. Once the reservation begins there will be demand for increase in percentage and extension to other communities like OBCs. It will divide people. There will be further demands to be declared as OBCs or STs. We know the damage done by Gujjar agitation.

Reservations began for a period of 10 years. They got periodic extensions and more people came under reserved category. SCs/STs changed a lot over the years but reservations continue. Then came OBC reservations.

If government thinks that companies benefitting from government incentives have to reserve seats it should stop incentives.

No political party is like to oppose 5% reservation for SCs/STs and because all practise votebank politics and nobody wants to lose SC/ST votes. Some parties will demand reservation for OBCs and EBCs. There will also be demand for employing local people in central government offices like demand for employing Marathi people in central government offices in Maharashtra.

Merit succeeds and capable SCs/STs have achieved what they want. SCs/STs are not disadvantaged. If a Dalit woman can become the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh there is no disadvantage in being SC/ST.

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