Removal of racks

Railways have started removal of racks from trains. This will cause inconvenience to commuters. Once in a way terrorists using racks for keeping bags containing bombs is not a proper reason for removal of racks. Terrorists can strike anytime anywhere and there is no protection against suicide bombers. Swift justice will deter other terrorists. If the trial takes several years terrorists lose fear. They can escape from jails or there can be hijackings or kidnappings for their release.

Local trains are crowded during peak hours and it is difficult even to stand. Holding luggage during that time makes it more difficult for people and will deprive space for some commuters. Or bags and briefcases will have to kept under seats.

Lot of police personnel are deployed at railways stations after the train blasts. This needs to be reduced. There is no point in checking the people who are leaving. People who enter are to be checked.

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