Rahul Johri not guilty

On 21/11/2018 the panel consisting of Retired Justice Rakesh Sharma, for Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Barkha Singh and lawyer Veena Gowda submitted its report to CoA of BCCI on Rahul Johri clearing of sexual harassment charges.
Rakesh Sharma wrote “The complainants have failed to provide their cases as set up by them and we (me and Barkha Singh) are of the opinion that Mr. Rahul Johri has not abused his powers. The allegations of sexual harassment in the office or elsewhere are false, baseless and have been fabricated and manufactured with an ulterior motive to harm Mr. Rahul Johri and throw him out of BCCI as indicated in some communications… No adverse action need to be taken against Mr. Rahul Johri on the basis of these mischievous, false, fabricated, unsubstantiated complaints, e-mails, tweets etc on social media.”
Barkha Singh wrote “In my opinion, such kind of motivated and fabricated allegations will diminish the status of women and the job opportunity for them. Such complaints will also have an adverse effect on the fight for equality for women.”
Veena Gowda did not say Rahul Johri was guilty of sexual harassment. She advised counselling. She wrote “The conduct of Mr. Rahul Johri at Birmingham as a CEO of an institution such as BCCI is unprofessional and inappropriate…, it is essential that Mr. Johri undergo some form of gender sensitivity counselling/training.”
CoA was divided. Diana Eduljee wanted Rahul Johri sacked in spite of panel saying not guilty. She wanted him sacked even before setting up the panel. Chairman Vinod Rai said Rahul Johri could resume office and he prevailed. CoA issued a statement. “Since there is no consensus between the two members of the Committee of Administrators regarding what action should be taken against Mr. Rahul Johri, the chairman stated that the natural consequence would be that Mr. Johri continues as the CEO of BCCI and is entitled to resume office. Ms. Eduljee disagreed with this. However, the chairman reiterated that Mr. Rahul Johri should continue as the CEO of BCCI and resume his duties, as a natural consequence.”
Rahul Johri said “I am relieved and always had faith in God that I will come clear.”
Some women flirt and send messages like Miss u Kiss u. Men respond. Later women allege sexual harassment. Sometimes there is consensual sex and later women allege rape. One woman falsely accused Brett Kavanaugh of rape and later she said it was for publicity. False allegations ruin the lives and careers of women. Judicial process against defamation takes a long time.
There should be punishment for false, fabricated, manufactured, mischievous, motivated allegations and complaints about sexual harassment or rape.

Updated: November 22, 2018 — 11:45 am

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