Rahul Gandhi on Ordinance on convicted MPs

Rahul Gandhi’s statement in a press conference that the Ordinance to protect convicted MPs and MLAs is complete nonsense and it should be torn up and thrown out is welcome. It has also put UPA Government and Sonia Gandhi in an embarrassing position. The ordinance was to nullify the verdict of Supreme Court on 10 July which disqualified MPs and MLAs convicted of criminal offences. Supreme Court had dismissed the review petition on 4 September. Cabinet had approved the ordinance. Sonia Gandhi had cleared the ordinance. PM Manmohan Singh was in USA to attend UN General Assembly and meet Barack Obama. At Press Club of India Ajay Maken was defending the ordinance till there was an interruption due to phone call. Then Rahul Gandhi came and made the statement. After that he said Rahul Gandhi’s view is Congress view.
Rahul Gandhi said he did not agree with reasons given for the ordinance. We need to do this because of political considerations. Everybody does this. Congress does this. BJP does this. SP does this. I am not interested in what opposition is doing. I am interested in what Congress is doing. I am interested in what our government is doing. I feel it is time political parties, mine and others, stopped making compromises.
Sanjaya Baru said Manmohan Singh should take the first flight home and resign. How long does he carry the can? If something is right Gandhi family gets credit, if something is wrong blame is on Manmohan Singh. Yashwant Sinha said if Prime Minister has any shame left he should return by the plane he has gone and after getting down at Palam should resign. Arun Jaitley said Congress sensing the revulsion the ordinance has caused what cutting its losses. He denied BJP was on board with ordinance.
Manmohan Singh continued in USA. He met Barack Obama. He will address issues raised by Rahul Gandhi after he returns to India.
The ordinance was in news for many days. Rahul Gandhi did not say anything before. During monsoon session it was introduced as a bill in Rajya Sabha and went to standing committee. There was criticism of the ordinance. AAP, BJP, and BJD were against the ordinance. It had gone to President for signature.
I have no sympathy for Manmohan Singh. Corruption had reached new heights under him. He showed lack of self-respect when he said he was ready to serve under Rahul Gandhi.
The ordinance was supposed to save Laloo Prasad Yadav from disqualification. The verdict in one case is expected to go against him. Many in Congress were not happy with it. There was anger against the ordinance all over the country. Some asked Pranab Mukherjee not to sign the ordinance. Lal Krishna Advani, Sushma Swaraj, and Arun Jaitley had met him.
On 26th September Pranab Mukherjee called Kapil Sibal and Sushil Kumar Shinde and questioned them about the ordinance. Milind Deora and Anil Shastri came out against the ordinance. It was the signal that they had the backing of someone in Congress who could protect them. After Rahul Gandhi spoke Shashi Tharoor tweeted against the ordinance. Ministers who had spoken in favour of the ordinance either kept quiet or avoided a direct reply.
Ministers who approved the ordinance are responsible for their acts. Blame cannot be on PM alone. If PM goes other ministers should also go. Kapil Sibal as law minister is responsible. Milind Deora and Shashi Tharoor being ministers of state may not have been party to the decision. When PM resigns the whole cabinet resigns.

Updated: September 28, 2013 — 7:43 am

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