Punish MPs

MPs have not allowed Parliament to function since 9/11/2010. A. Raja, telecom minister, resigned during the session. Opposition MPs wanted JPC. Congress MPs opposed JPC. Everyday there were disruptions and adjournments.

Parliament is a forum for debate and discussion with dignity and decorum. Disruption is unjustified.

MPs must be punished for non-functioning of Parliament. MPs of both sides are guilty. Opposition MPs disrupted. Ruling MPs allowed disruptions. Disrupting MPs should have been suspended for the rest of the session. If they refused to leave the house they should have been physically lifted and thrown out. If any opposition MP says disruption is a legitimate option he should be told suspension and throwing out is a more legitimate option.

MPs must lose their salaries and allowances for the period the Parliament did not function including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. They must pay for water, electricity and other things they used for the period. They must refund money spent on air or other travel.

During the monsoon session MPs voted for increase and multiplication of their salaries and allowances. Their salary more than doubled. Daily allowance was doubled from Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,000/-. Constituency allowance and other allowances and perquisites went up.

In 1995 winter session did not function because BJP and other MPs wanted the then telecom minister Sukh Ram to resign because of a scam. In 1996 BJP formed a government in Himachal Pradesh with Sukh Ram as deputy chief minister.

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