Price rise

Since March 2008 prices are rising steadily.

The Government of India has not done anything that could bring down the prices.

RBI has not strengthened the rupee which could have prevented price rise.

The Government of India seems to be occupied with the Nuclear Deal.

Left Front has made it clear that it will withdraw support if the Government goes ahead with the Nuclear Deal.

UPA leaders are busy trying to save the Government by getting support of Samajwadi Party and others.

Inflation hits people all over the country.

The Government should focus its attention on bringing down prices to previous levels.

It may sign the Nuclear Deal and survive but if prices keep rising it will not get another term.

Transporters have gone on strike.

This will push up prices.

Many commodities will perish.

Many will have to pay high prices for vegetables, fruits and other food items.

People need to eat food to live.

Prices of other items will also go up but buying of some items can be postponed.

Oil has hit $146 a barrel.

Strengthening rupee will prevent price rise.

Over the years RBI printed notes to buy billions of dollars.

Now is the time to sell all those dollars so that the rupee keeps rising.

Let the Government and RBI not worry about exporters.

They had many benefits over the years.

Now also they have many benefits.

It is time to put an end to them.

Besides the Government must also abolish all subsidies.

That will cut down expenditure and bring down inflation.

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