Positive discrimination is wrong

The constitution of India declares equality of all people. Some women want special treatment for women claiming women are unequal. They say there has to be positive discrimination in favour of women. When women lawyers talk like that it sets a dangerous trend. This needs to be nipped in the bud.
The demand of women judges in all cases involving women is unjustified. Fast track courts for trial of rape cases are a good thing. However women judges need not be sensitive to rape victims. There are at least two examples.
Judge Laxmi Rao in Bombay let off rapists lightly. She punished one woman for rape. There was outrage and she was transferred.
One woman judge in Australia in December 2007 let off nine rapists who raped a 10 year old girl Aurukun settlement, in Queensland. In her ruling, Judge Sarah Bradley told the rapilsts that the victim probably agreed to have sex with all of you. She placed six of the offenders, who were minors at the time of the rape, on probation for 12 months, media said. The three other defendants were handed suspended six-month prison sentences. Boni Robertson, an Aboriginal activist in Queensland, said There is nothing culturally, there is nothing morally, there is nothing socially and there is definitely nothing legally that would ever allow this sort of decision to be made. Judge Sarah Bradley had also let off seven rapists in another case in October 2007.
Women judges will be sensitive to women is a false assumption.
Women in India have many unjustified privileges. Seats are reserved in city buses for women. Their Income Tax liability is less than the liability of men. Reservation of one third seats in panchayats and municipalities and other urban bodies has resulted in proxy rule. These reservations should go and Income Tax rate shall be equal for all.
In India women are free to become President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister and hold many other posts. Pratibha Patil became the President. Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister. Sonia Gandhi could have become the Prime Minister. She foolishly followed astrological advice and waited for an auspicious moment and opposition mounted during the period and she did not take up the challenge. Centuries ago Sangram Singh committed such a mistake. Baburs soldiers were frightered. Instead of attacking immediately Sangram Singh followed astrological advice and waited for an auspicious moment to attack. This gave time for Babur to make a speech and fill his soldiers with courage.
In India women have excelled in various fields. To call Jayalalitha, Mayawati, Kiran Bedi, Fatima Beevi and such women weak is a joke.
All women are not saints. All men are not sinners.
Women who are not capable whine and try to reach the positions they do not deserve.
Discrimination on the basis of sex will lead to anarchy and end of rule of law.

Updated: June 23, 2014 — 12:10 pm

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