Population solution

Many countries in the world want to increase their population. They are taking various steps to have more children.
Australia, Japan, Singapore, S. Korea, Russia and countries of Europe want more children. In Australia for every child born the mother gets 4,000 dollars.
India should learn from these countries and stop promoting family planning. Ministry of Family Planning should be wound up.
As years pass India’s growth rate will come down. If birth rate comes below death rate there will be a problem.
Further, female foeticide has resulted in adverse sex ratio. Many men will not be able to marry. In Haryana many men spend money to get brides from outside the state, from places even as far as from Kerala.
With 110 crore population it may seem India can ignore the falling birth rate. But once birth rate falls below death rate it is difficult the reverse the process, though not impossible.
Many people are unmarried. About 15% of the couples are childless. Many couples have one child each. Couples with more than two children are getting fewer.
There will not be enough young people to do various jobs and we will have to depend on immigrants. They will have to be paid more.
Urbanisation is a reason for decline in birth rate. Accommodation becomes expensive. Houses are small. That affects family size. With better telecommunications jobs may move to villages and large families may become the norm.

Updated: June 22, 2014 — 4:16 pm

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