Polls and Phases

Election Commission has announced polls for UP in seven phases. This is a record.

For al long time elections for a Legislative Assembly were held on a single day.
Polls for Lok Sabha used to be in two phases. In 1989 it was in three phases.

In 2004 Lok Sabha polls were held in four phases.

For Lok Sabha elections there should not be more than two phases and the gap between them should not be more than three days. One day polling is best.

Polling in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Manipur could have been held on a single day. Three phase poll for Manipur was stretching things too far.

Polling in two or more phases causes additional expenses. Police have to be deployed to guard EVMs. The more the phases, the higher the number of days required to guard. That needs to neglect regular duties of police.

Some Chief Election Commissioners had illusions of grandeur and acted unconstitutionally. Legitimate activities like presentation of budget in Legislative Assemblies were not allowed in the name of Code of Conduct. One Chief Election Commissioner compared himself to a Field Marshal.

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