PM at 45

“Where did you want to reach in such a hurry? Whether you wanted to become chief minister at 43 and prime minister at 45 by joining BJP?” That was Margaret Alva’s question to Sachin Pilot.
Why not? Rajiv Gandhi became PM at 40. Any MP can become PM. Age for becoming MP is 25. One who is not an MP can become PM for six months and continue as PM if he/she becomes MP within that time.
When Narasimha Rao was PM he was also Congress President. Many Congress members thought they too could become PM one day. After Sonia Gandhi’s entry into politics that thinking changed. They know PM has to be from Gandhi family or someone approved by Gandhi family. Rahul Gandhi once said if he wanted he could have become PM at 25. He did not want to shout at seniors. He was wrong. At that time Narasimha Rao was firmly ensconced as PM and Rahul Gandhi was not in a position to dislodge him.
BJP is controlled by RSS but not by one family. Congress and BJP have many dynasties. In Congress, Gandhi dynasty controls other dynasties. When YSR died many Andhra Pradesh Congress MLAs wanted his son Jaganmohan Reddy to become CM. Sonia Gandhi did not want that. That led to parting of ways. Congress lost power in AP and Telangana. Today Jaganmohan is AP CM.
Narendra Modi has not allowed dynasties to become strong in BJP. If a family has one member as minister, no other member of that family is made minister. When Vasundhara Raje Scindia was Rajasthan CM, her son Dushyant Singh was not made minister. Maneka Gandhi was minister in Modi’s first term, not in second. Her son Feroze Varun Gandhi did not become minister.
Sachin Pilot felt he should have been made CM when Congress won in Rajasthan in 2018. Rahul Gandhi was Congress President then. He selected Ashok Gehlot. Sachin Pilot felt it was unjust. After Lok Sabha election 2019 Rahul Gandhi quit as Congress President. Young leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot felt they were abandoned. Jyotiraditya Scindia quit Congress and brougt down the government headed by Kamal Nath.
Sachin Pilot has not quit Congress. He said he is not joining BJP. It seems he wants to become CM with outside support of BJP. Vasundhara Raje Scindia does not want that. She has nothing to gain and will lose status as leader of opposition.

Updated: July 20, 2020 — 11:02 pm


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  1. One MLA claims that he was offered 35 crore by Sachin Pilot to join BJP. If that’s true Sachin might become BJP CM soon.

  2. well congress has no future and regional parties are too timid to go central. The new congress is bjp and politicians like Pilot and Scindia have a strong portfolio to join the new promising company BJP and get better posts! ;)Its all in the game and every player has the right to success. However, as Pilot is yet to reveal his cards lets see how things shape up!

  3. Congress is a corrupt party and hence the end is nearing with young brains leaving the broken ship!

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