Parliamentary privileges

MPs are free to move privilege motion against anyone including PM. Sometime back BJP had moved a privilege motion against PM. Article 105 of the Constitution does not define the privileges of MPs. It does not say Parliament can send someone to jail. Some MPs want to punish Om Puri and Kiran Bedi for what they said against MPs. MPs say the dignity of Parliament has been violated. Om Puri has issued a qualified apology on TV channels. He said he was offended when Manish Tewari accused Anna Hazare of corruption. Kiran Bedi has stood by her words. She said it was a game changer.

Where is the dignity of Parliament when MPs repeatedly disrupt Parliament? Days pass without doing any work. Sometimes whole sessions are disrupted. Many MPs don’t attend Parliament for most of the days. Foul means are adopted to get majority in Parliament. When there is need of SP, BSP and RJD votes CBI finds no evidence in cases against Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Laloo Prasad Yadav. MPs are not to hold offices of profit however they declare them as not offices of profit and hold them.

It is a myth that MPs are elected by people. Most of them get less than half of votes. Some lose Lok Sabha elections and are elected to Rajya Sabha. Mani Shankar Aiyar was nominated to Rajya Sabha.

Many people are in support of what Om Puri and Kiran Bedi said. Some feel MPs should do better things then debate privilege motions. MPs may not like what Om Puri and Kiran Bedi said about them but they should know many people like that. Many people may come out wearing caps or T-shirts with words ”I am Om Puri” or “I am Kiran Bedi” and surround Parliament.

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