Nirmala Venkatesh should be sacked

There was an attack on women in a pub named Amnesia in Mangalore on 24/1/2009. The hooligans were around forty. Such attack has no place in a civilized society. These hooligans are counterparts of Taliban. Law must take its course and the hooligans must be punished.

Blaming the victims for crimes committed on them is wrong. National Commission for Women sent a delegation. The words and actions of Nirmala Venkatesh, a member of the Commission, are disgusting. Instead of focussing on the crime she had targeted the pub owner and women who were beaten up. Her statement that women should not be anywhere without security shows Taliban mindset. It implies crimes can be committed against women if there is no security for them. This is wrong.

Nirmala Venkatesh should be sacked from her membership of National Commission of Women. She is a disgrace.

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