New India

After BJP’s victory in UP and Uttarakhand and cobbled coalition governments in Goa and Manipur, Narendra Modi has talked of New India. We have some indication what is this New India.
It will be a vegetarian India. There will be a ban on meat, fish, eggs, crabs, lobsters, oysters, shellfish, and so on. When Jains fast or feast there will be a ban on onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, ginger, other root vegetables, and honey.
Yoga will be compulsory.
Sanskrit will be compulsory.
There will be name changes. Names like Allahabad, Aurangabad, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Murshidabad, Sahibabad, Tughlakabad, Babur Road, Humayun Road, Akbar Road, will be replaced with names pleasing to RSS. Names of airports and institutes with members of Nehru-Gandhi family will be changed to that of BJP and RSS leaders.
Text books will mention glory of ancient India. Everything was discovered or invented by Indians.
There will be a ban on disco, foxtrot, jive, twist, or any western dance.
There will be a ban on jazz, pop, rock, or any western music.
There will be a ban on accordion, bagpipe, clarinet, cornet, guitar, mandolin, piano, saxophone, trombone, violin, xylophone, and other western musical instruments.
There will be a ban on Valentine’s Day celebration. Prem Din may be celebrated.
Cow will replace tiger as national animal. It will be death penalty or life imprisonment for killing a cow.
Hindi film award programmes will have to be in Hindi.
CBFC will not certify films with kissing and nude scenes.
Polygyny and polygamy will be allowed. A man can have many wives. A woman can have many husbands. A married woman should have at least three children, seventeen will be better.
Manusmriti will replace Constitution. Women will lose many rights. A woman will have to be under her father or husband or son. Marriage outside one’s social class will be forbidden. B. R. Ambedkar had burnt a copy of Manusmriti on 25/12/1927 at Mahad. He had held it responsible for caste system and Dalit oppression in India.

Updated: April 1, 2017 — 7:48 am

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