National Highway 39

National Highway 39 in Manipur has been blocked by some Nagas since 11/4/2010. Prices have shot up in Manipur. Life has become difficult. Manipur government has done nothing to stop the blockade. Indian government has done nothing to stop the blockade.
National Highway 53 also came under blockade. However some suppliers were brought through under escort some days back.
It is the duty of the state government to maintain law and order. When the state government fails central government has to intervene.
India wants a seat as permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations. It is unable to ensure transport of goods within its territory.
Over the years many who blocked transport were dealt with leniently. Gujjars were let off easily. They caused havoc for several days. NH 39 blockade has gone on for too long. It look India is worse than a banana republic.
Manipur government must be told to put an end to blockade. People who block must be told to end the blockade. If they do not stop the blockade, force must be used to remove them from the place.
There must be tough punishment for blockade. It should not be less than 50 years imprisonment.
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