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Murder of English

Producers of Hindi films and TV serials murder English. They have English titles to Hindi films and TV serials and add letters to English words. One serial has added g to Big. One film has added y to Replay. One film misspelt love stories as luv storys.
Producers consult numerologists. Numerologists suggest adding letters to words. Many actors and actresses consult numerologists and add letters to their names or surnames. One actor deleted a letter from his surname. Whether anyone benefitted is debatable. For some things went wrong. Some got notices for payment of customs duty on their imported cars.
People have no right to murder language. There is no reason to have English titles to Hindi films and TV serials. When producers choose English titles they should not fiddle with spellings.
There should be a law against murder of English. CBFC should not certify films with titles that murder English. I&B Ministry should tell TV channels not to telecast programmes with titles that murder English.

Updated: November 10, 2010 — 10:42 am

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