Much Ado About Corona

There is mass hysteria and panic about Corona Virus also known as China Virus, Chinese Plague, Chinese Flu, Wuhan Virus and Covid 19. Countries are under lockdown. Churches, schools, stadia, theatres and other places are shut. Flights and visas are cancelled. It is Apocalypse Now.
People die of various diseases. There are epidemics and pandemics like swine flu, SARS, MERS and Zika virus every few years. Many people died. Swine flu is said to have caused 5,75,000 deaths worldwide. Rio Olympics 2016 went ahead in Brazil which had Zika virus. Life went on. There was no mass hysteria and panic.
Bishops are supposed to be shepherds who defend their flocks from wolves. Hirelings run away when they see wolves. Bishops by shutting churches and cancelling masses have proved to be hirelings. Francis set a bad example by cancellation of public masses in Rome. Masses must go on. Cowards and faithless people can stay at home. In Rome and other places Christians had faced persecutions and died for their faith. They were beheaded, crucified, thrown to lions and burnt as torches during games. Now because of a disease there are no masses. Churches must open. Public masses should not be cancelled, especially on Sundays. Cowards and faithless people can stay at home.
Average age of Italians who died of Corona virus is 81. Most of them had diabetes, hypertension or other diseases. Many of them were smokers. Lockdown of Italy is over the top reaction. Corona acted as a catalyst in deaths of old people who were not in good health and would have died sooner rather than later. A few young people becoming sick does not mean we have to panic. More than half of the people who had Corona had recovered. Many more are likely to recover. Number of dead is around 3%.
Reaction to Corona virus is overblown. Thousands of people die of flu and other diseases every year. There is no shutdown. Life must go own. Shutting down churches, schools and other places is foolishness and causes more damage than the disease would have caused. It is a case of cure being worse than the disease.
BCCI wanted to hold two ODIs against S. Africa on 15 and 18 March without spectators. It had to cancel them. BCCI never before postponed IPL. When not possible in India due to elections it was held in South Africa or UAE. This time IPL beginning is postponed from 29/3/2020 to 15/4/2020. BCCI is used to throw its weight around. It is a climb down and humiliation for BCCI.
Tokyo Olympics should begin on 24/7/2020 as planned. If no spectators in stadia so be it. Sports events generate most revenue by telecast rights. Those who watch sports on TV are many times that of stadium spectators. Postponement of Olympics will result in clashes with other tournaments fixed in advance and will affect spectator interest and TV revenue. Many athletes will skip Olympics. There is money to be made in professional tournaments.
India should not have declared corona national/notified disaster. Corona cases were around 90 and two persons had died.
Corona patients who want to leave India should not be detained. Wrong for Kochi airport authorities to detain 20 passengers because one of them, a UK national, tested positive.
“Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.” (Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare).
Life must go on.

Updated: March 15, 2020 — 6:26 pm


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  1. Precautions is the better part of valour, isn’t it?

  2. Discretion is the better of valour. (Henry IV Part I – William Shakespeare). There is difference between precaution and panic. What we witness is panic driven by media.

  3. Well, you have stated a contrary view. While panic does not serve anyone sufficient precaution is also necessary.

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