Minority status

Jains are a minority. Recognising them as a minority by the Government of India is right. In India Hindus are a majority. Jains are not Hindus. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis are recognized as minorities. Jains, Jews, Bahais and others who are not Hindus and are not recognized as minorities should be recognized as minorities.

Status of a community as majority or minority has nothing to do with citizenship.

The right to establish and administer educational institutions is given to religious and linguistic minorities.

Minorities are counted statewise. In six states Hindus are a minority.

Hindus who do not speak the majority language of a state are entitled to this right in that state.

Ramakrishna Mission claimed to a minority and won the case in High Court. It is not easy for any community which is considered to be Hindu to claim and prove that it is not Hindu and hence a minority. If they succeed they are on solid ground.

If all are able to establish and administer educational institutions there will not be clamour for minority status. Ramakrishna Mission was supposed to be Hindu Missionary Movement. For the benefit of establishing and administering educational institutions as per their choice they opted for minority status. Now with reservations in private educational institutions many may opt for minority status.

Updated: July 10, 2014 — 8:53 pm

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