Manifesto 2014

Lok Sabha elections are due to take place in April-May. Parties will come out with their manifestos. I want the manifestos to have the following points.
1) Rupee will be strong. It will equal American dollar in 70 days, euro in 90 days, British pound in 105 days, Kuwaiti Dinar in 240 days, and after that will remain the strongest currency in the world. In 1917 rupee was equal to 13 American dollars. We want rupee to equal 14 American dollars in 2017. Exporters shall quote their prices in rupees. When the rupee is strong prices of LPG, kerosene, petrol and diesel will come down. Consequently prices of other goods will come down. There will be no need for subsidy for LPG, kerosene, petrol and diesel.

2) We will abolish corporate debt restructuring, freebies, subsidies, loan waivers, stimuli, parole, furlough, MPLADS, MLALADS, pension to MPs and MLAs, Planning Commission, and Animal Welfare Board.

3) We will lower age of juveniles to below 16. Juveniles who commit crimes like murder, rape, abduction, banditry, hijacking, and kidnapping will be tried as adults.

4) We will make death penalty obligatory in every case of murder and other high crimes. Life imprisonment will be till the person dies.

5) We will bring consecutive punishment for crimes and do away with concurrent punishment.

6) We will eradicate corruption. Punishment for bribery will be proportionate to the bribe. If it is one day imprisonment for taking one rupee bribe, it will be one lakh days imprisonment for taking one lakh rupees bribe. It will be death penalty for taking bribe of one crore rupees.

7) There will be equality. It will not be, All are equal but some are more equal, as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. We will abolish reservations for SCs/STs/OBCs/Women in government jobs, legislatures, educational institutions, and local bodies.

8) Saturday will be a working day for government employees. Public holidays for government employees will be 10 per year. Casual leave and restricted holidays will not be more than 15 per year.

9) We will pass a law that President, Vice President, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, MPs, MLAs, should have been born after India became independent.

10) We will allow adult films and programmes on free to air channels between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. and on pay channels any time.

11) We will not give advertisements in newspapers on birth and death anniversaries of leaders and anniversaries of government.

12) We will abolish free tickets to former chairmen, directors, and employees of Air India.

13) MPs who disrupt Parliament will be suspended for the rest of the session.

14) Inflation will be zero.

15) Budgets will be surplus.

16) We will recognise Tibet as an independent country under illegal occupation. We will establish diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. We will ask China and Pakistan to return our land occupied by them. If they do not return, we will cut off diplomatic relationship with them.

17) We will bring presidential system. That is better for India. There will be no political uncertainty due to hung houses.

18) Military tribunals will try cases of terrorism.

19) Lawyers who know their client has committed a crime but argue in the court the client did not commit the crime will get the maximum punishment for the crime. If the lawyer knows his client has committed murder but argues his client did not commit murder the lawyer will get death penalty. Similarly it will be life imprisonment in case of rape.

20) There will be single day voting, preferably on 15 May, for all Lok Sabha, Legislative Assembly, and local body constituencies. Election for President, Vice President, Governors, and Lieutenant Governors will be when the terms expire. One person can contest from once constituency only.

21) We will not negotiate with abductors, bandits, hijackers, kidnappers and other criminals and release prisoners or meet other demands.

22) Surrogacy will be banned. Woman who gives birth will be mother for all purposes.

23) Adoption will be of minors only. There shall be no adoption of one’s grandson or relative as one’s son. Such adoption will be illegal.

24) There will be ban on men dressing as women in TV programmes. This applies to The Week That Wasn’t and some entertainment programmes.

25) There will be no lottery and betting on horse races.

26) There will be tough action against toss-fixing, spot-fixing, session-fixing, and match-fixing in sports and discussion-fixing on news TV channels.

27) No visas for alcoholics, drunkards, drug addicts, gamblers, smokers, drug traffickers, human traffickers, criminals, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, transsexuals, transvestites, pederasts, paedophiles, hermaphrodites and people who claim to be third sex, intersex or indeterm inate sex.

28) There will be Uniform Civil Code.

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