Madhu Koda and Congress

Madhu Koda is under investigation for money laundering, hawala transactions, illegal investment abroad and property acquisition. His property is said to be worth more than Rs.4,000 crores. On 9/10/2009 Enforcement Directorate had filed an FIR against Madhu Koda and his associates under Prevention of Money Laundering Act.
On 4/11/2009 Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said “The Congress is for transparency, accountability and zero tolerance against corruption. The Congress was supporting Koda government from outside. If our support for development and uplift of the people was misused, the law will take its own course.”
It was Congress that had made Madhu Koda, an independent MLA, chief minister of Jharkhand and supported him for almost two years. An independent MLA becoming chief minister was unheard of. Congress did it to pull down NDA government in Jharkhand. Five independent MLAs headed by Madhu Koda were made to withdraw support to NDA government and Congress supported these MLAs to form the government. Corruption in Madhu Koda government was well known. In 2007 Congress persons in Jharkhand had served him a 60 day ultimatum to perform or perish. Ajay Maken, then AICC in-charge of Jharkhand, had recommended to Congress high command to withdraw support. Congress high command continued its support to Madhu Koda and asked its local leaders not to enforce the ultimatum.
Congress shares responsibility for corruption of Madhu Koda when it supported him. It could not dislodge NDA government in Jharkhand by hook and it dislodged NDA government in Jharkhand by crook. Its claim of zero tolerance against corruption is hollow.

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