Lifetime validity is a misnomer

There are many companies that issue prepaid cards which are said to have lifetime validity but are valid for some years. They should mention the correct number of years.

Besides the cards need to be recharged within certain months otherwise they become invalid. That means they are not valid even for the period they are mentioned.

Competition Commission of India should take note of the irregularities and issue orders to mobile companies to mention correct validity and period for recharge. A card that is valid for three years or five years should mention it as such and it should be valid for the period irrespective of being recharged. If recharge is required within 90 days or six months the card should mention as prepaid card without mentioning lifetime validity or three years validity or five years validity. Sometimes the card is not even valid for the years mentioned. A card said to be valid for three years is valid for two years and nine months.

Rules regarding documents required for getting a SIM card change. For proof of residence, society maintenance bill or property tax notice should be accepted as valid documents. Ration card and flat sale agreement are not accepted as valid documents. Everybody can not be expected to have a driving licence or a passport.

Updated: March 5, 2011 — 2:23 pm

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  1. Companies should mention the correct number of years.

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