Life must go on

It is not right to shut down a city or state or country by forcing a bandh or when there is a terrorist attack or someone dies. Such shutdowns are more due to fear of violence than for respect for the dead or any other reason. It is wrong for people to say police should remain indoors and travel if they must.

When schools, shops, and theatres are shut down and autorickshaws and taxis are off the road unexpectedly it is misery for many people. Many do not have foodstock at home and they have to remain hungry. Without autorickshaws and taxis people who have to go to airports, railway stations, bus stations and people who get down there are stuck. People who get married and those who attend weddings are affected. Halls are books months in advance. People who attend funerals are affected. Many come from abroad or distant places to attend weddings or funerals. Perishable commodities are wasted. Without transport patients are unable to reach doctors and many die.

Sometimes policepersons who should uphold the law are in league with law-breakers. They do not protect people from hooligans who forcibly enforce shutdowns. No action is taken against such policepersons for dereliction of duty.

Cremation should be in a crematorium. Public land should not be used for memorials. State funeral should be only for those who held a government post.

Section 66A of Information Technology Act should be repealed as it is misused and two girls were arrested for comments against shutdown. There were no arrests of goons who damaged a clinic.

Updated: November 20, 2012 — 8:20 am

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