Jodha Akbar and Maharana Pratap

Jodha Akbar and Maharana Pratap are two serials which are full of fiction. Jodha Akbar has a disclaimer that this serial does not claim to be historical or true. It is an attempt at dramatic presentation of contemporary events. It is not intended to hurt any community. Jodha is known by some other names. Maharana Pratap does not have a disclaimer.

I missed some episodes of Maharana Pratap. I do not know how historical they were. What I watched has not much history. Pratap is a boy. He secretly joins battle and wins. He is son of Uday Singh, ruler of Mewad. Uday Singh has three wives. Pratap is the son of first wife. Third wife pretends to like Pratap but wants to kill him. Pratap’s mother Jaywanta wants to save Pratap and asks Uday Singh not to crown him as crown prince. He is sent to a distant village. He kills a tiger. He covers his face and fights against atrocities by Surtan Singh of Bundi. He defeats Bairam Khan and has an opportunity to kill him. Pratap and Akbar go to Dwaraka to meet Meerabai. Both are in disguise. Both meet, fight, and become friends. Such are the stories.

Jodha Akbar has many imaginary events. Jodha is credited with many things. She influences Akbar who abolishes marriage of children below 14 and slavery. Jodha drinks poison and saves Akbar. He goes on a pilgrimage like a common man. He refuses to pay a tax on pilgrimage and is put in prison. Akbar’s half-brother Mirza wants to marry Jodha’s sister who is in love with an employee and elopes with him on wedding day. There is election for the head of harem. On one channel there was one line report that Ekta Kapoor had disassociated herself from the serial.

Maharana Pratap should have a disclaimer that the serial does not claim all events are historically accurate.

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  1. Which one would you recommend one should watch Maharana Pratap or Jodha Akbar. These serials are so event stretches and stretches.

  2. I agree these serials are slow and keep stretching. It is your choice to see both of them or one of them or none of them.

  3. excuse me the serial maharana pratap is 80% fiction and 20% truth atleast there’s a proof that the main characters like maharana pratap,uday singh,jaywantibai and some others really existed at that time………not like jodha akbar in which there’s confusion among people that the MAIN Lead jodha was akbar’s wife or jehagir’s?And jodhabai was from jodhpur not amber…….and if akbar loved her so much why didn’t he mention her anywhere?maharana pratap spent most of his life in forest where they didn’t have enough food there was no time to keep records but there’s some mention and details of his 1st wife ajabdeh. I think maharana pratap can’t be compared to jodha akbar as its not pure lie like jodha akbar it has some real truth in it.

  4. Jodha akbar is a real history and in maharana pratap changed all history its fake and lier serial my opinion maharan pratap is bakwass

  5. But in my opinion jodha akbar is bakwaas showing jalal as a benevolent king huh!and you say jodha akbar is is real history?then you may continue with your views and opinions because history doesn’t change by your believing or by maharana pratap serial showing anything…………even there’s some mention of ajabdeh in records whereas akbar didn’t care to mention his SO CALLED jodha in akbarnama………….what a love story I salute ekta for showing this pure history.

  6. I believe you haven’t seen mp serial or you would see that there’s a disclaimer(a strip in the bottom)and even if jodha akbar shows disclaimer its useless as many people think it to be true…………………..and if mp viewers think the serial to be true there’s no harm as its not known whether all that pratap and ajabde stuff happened or not but its confirmed that he did marry ajabde who was his great friend and dheerbai who worsened situations in royal family…….but there is confusion about jodga akbar serial whetther jodha was akbar wife or daughter-in-law!

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