Iraq Civil War

It is civil war in Iraq. ISIS is in war with Iraq’s government headed by Nuri Al-Maliki. ISIS captured Mosul on 10/6/2014. The world noticed. Soon ISIS captured Tikrit.
There are Indians in Iraq. Nurses don’t want to come back. They have taken education loan and loan for visa. In Mosul 40 construction workers did not leave on time. They are in captivity except for one who escaped. In Tikrit there are 46 nurses.
Many Indian Shias have volunteered to fight in Iraq against ISIS. If Sunnis also want to join the fight India will have a problem. It can be Shias and Sunnis fighting in India. Government should take steps to prevent such occurrence.
Barack Obama talked about sending 300 advisers to Iraq and air strikes on ISIS but ruled out boots on the ground. He wants Nuri Al Maliki to quit.
Al-Sistani called on Shias to fight ISIS. The Shias marched in Baghdad displaying their weapons. They don’t want American air strikes on ISIS.
Iran and Saudi Arabia do not want to meddle in Iraq.
Some Americans want military intervention in Iraq. Otherwise it will become a base for terrorists to attack USA. Americans opposed to military intervention in Iraq say USA supplied weapons to rebels in Syria. Area under rebels is jihadist wonderland. In Libya a dictator was removed. Libya became a jihadist wonderland.
ISIS has captured Qaim, Rawah, Anah, Rutba, Turaibil crossing with Jordan and Waleed Crossing with Syria. Many Iraqi soldiers surrendered their uniforms and weapons. It seems they were promised safe passage if they surrendered. ISIS is known to be brutal, ferocious and ruthless. There are videos of ISIS fighters shooting captured soldiers. ISIS had support from locals, mostly Sunnis disaffected with Maliki government, so they could march quickly.
ISIS wants to capture Najaf and Karbala and if they get close to those cities Iran can enter war on the side of Shias. At that time Saudi Arabia and some other countries are likely to join war against Iran.
It is an opportunity for Kurds to establish themselves as a country. If Kurds succeed, Kurdistan will have territories from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. In 1919 when Ottoman Empire was dismembered, Woodrow Wilson wanted Armenia and Kurdistan to be independent countries. It did not happen then. Armenia became independent in 1991. Kurds wait for their country.
Continuation of civil war will affect oil supply. Price of oil will go up and adversely affect India.
Maharukh Inayet on To The Point, Headlines Today, asked about ISIS being equal to thousand Obamas. Barack Obama is confused with Osama Bin Laden. This has happened to many journalists. Report of ISIS having a plan to target Iraq and Indians being is not credible and seems intended to drag India into war against ISIS. India has ISI problem, not ISIS problem.

Updated: June 24, 2014 — 7:55 am

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