Inflation control

Inflation in India has reached 12.63%.

Not much is done to bring down inflation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must take some steps to bring down inflation.

1) He must sack P. Chidambaram.  Appoint someone who is not a minister as Finance Minister and instruct him suitably.

2) He must instruct RBI Governor to sell dollars till the value of dollar is brought down to Rs.39/-.  After that it should not be allowed to go up.  It may come down.

3) Price of oil has to come down.

It is around $111.

Prices of petrol, diesel and gas must be brought down.

If Manmohan Singh does these three things he can expect to address the nation on Independence Day next year from Red Fort.

Otherwise he may continue as MP as he is a Rajya Sabha Member but not PM.

Updated: July 5, 2014 — 3:56 am

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