Indian men and sex crimes

There are people who talk as if India was free from sex crimes and Indian men have suddenly taken to sex crimes. A few Indian men commit sex crimes and these people speak as if all Indian men are sex criminals.

Sex crimes have taken place since the beginning of history all over the world. Men in other countries commit sex crimes. In recent years due to TV channels there is more reporting of sex crimes.

Some say women should be careful about their dress. Eve teasers tease a woman whatever is her dress. Some say women should follow Indian dress code. What they mean is Pakistani dress code. Their knowledge of Indian culture is superficial. Ignorance is bliss.

Some criminals commit crimes because they want to appear to TV. Beating women in a pub and molesting a woman outside a pub is a sure way of publicity, more so when TV channels are informed in advance.

Some say men feel threatened because women work outside, they dress differently than before, and they go to pubs, so they commit sex crimes. Who are these men? Abstract theories are of no use.

Many commit crimes because they think they can get away with crimes. Crimes are less when they are fear of punishment.

When there is demand for severe punishment some say they want certainty of punishment than severity as if certainty and severity are mutually exclusive. Punishment should be certain and severe proportionate to the crime. What is the use of certainty if a woman judge finds a man guilty of rape and sentences him to imprisonment till the rising of the court?

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