India out of Hockey World Cup 2010

On 28/2/2010 when India defeated Pakistan 4-1 in a league match of Hockey World Cup 2010 there was hope that India will win the cup. After the match tournament director suspended Shivendra for three matches for injury to a Pakistani player. Shivendra had not received any red, yellow or green card from the referee. After appeal the suspension was reduced to two matches.
England had defeated Australia. Indians were hoping for a victory against Australia. Australia defeated India 5-2.
India faced Spain in the next match. Spain defeated India 5-2. Out of six penalty corners India converted one into goal.
After this India’s chances of proceeding to semi-final were slim. India had to win the next two matches. Depending on who defeated whom and goal difference India had a chance of proceeding to semi-final.
India faced England. England scored a goal in the first half and two in the second half. India scored two goals after that but failed to score more. India missed scoring a goal when 40 seconds were left. India lost 3-2.
Against Pakistan India had four penalty corners and converted three into goals. It did not have such success in other matches.
It is not clear why Adrian D’Souza did not play in matches against Pakistan and Spain. It seems it was because he was a spokesman when players were on strike.
Indian hockey was in the news for wrong reasons for most of January and February 2010. Men players were on strike. Women players protested wearing black armbands. There was controversy regarding captaincy of Hockey World Cup 2010. There was controversy about a promotional match.
It is no point saying our players played well but finishing was poor. Matches are won by goals scored and our players have to do better in scoring goals. All players apart from goalkeepers should have more practice in penalty corners and penalty strokes.

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  1. Most of the factor for the World Champion 2010 are saying Spain will win the title. But usually it isn’t the big favourite that will win the tournament, so I think Brasil will make the race.

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