India on Syria

On 14/4/2018 USA, UK and France attacked Syria with missiles. India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement in the evening.

“We have taken note of the recent strikes in Syria. India is closely following the situation. The alleged use of chemical weapons, if true, is deplorable. We call for an impartial and objective investigation by the OPCW to establish the facts. In the meantime, we urge all Parties to show restraint and to avoid any further escalation in the situation. The matter should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations, and on the basis of the principles of the UN Charter and in accordance with international law. We hope that the long drawn suffering of the people of Syria would come to an end soon.”

India should have condemned attack on Syria by USA, UK and France instead of calling for restraint on all sides. USA, UK, France and Israel are aggressors and supporters of terrorists in Syria. USA does what it wants or more particularly what its military industry wants. When it has support of UN it uses it. Otherwise it acts alone or with its allies. Terrorists in Syria are called freedom fighters by USA and allies. Many of the terrorists are Islamic fundamentalists. USA, UK and France are meddling in Syria’s affairs.
Some think missile strike on Syria is Donald Trump’s attempt to divert attention from Stormy Daniels affair. Former FBI Directory James Comey’s book ‘A Higher Loyalty’ due for release on 17/4/2018 is against Trump.
Why Russia did not shoot down American, British and French missiles? They had said they will shoot down every missile and all missiles that attack Syria. It knew of missile attacks. Talk is cheap. Action is needed. Russia’s credibility is at stake. We know of match-fixing, session-fixing, spot-fixing and toss-fixing. Is there war-fixing between Russia and USA? There are reports that Russia has asked its citizens to store food and medicines in bunkers. Is it preparing for war? It should have shot down enemy missiles. Russia claims Syria’s Russian-supplied anti-aircraft system shot down 71 of 103 missiles. That is different from Russia shooting down missiles. When Barack Obama was President, Russia had shot down two missiles aimed at Syria. Why Russia is soft on Donald Trump?

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to USA said missile strikes on Syria will not be left without consequences. Time will tell whether it is just talk.

Syria should attack USA, UK, France and Israel with missiles. There are US bases in Saudi Arabia and 2,000 American soldiers in Syria. Few American soldiers dying will turn American opinion against involvement is Syria.

Updated: April 15, 2018 — 10:58 pm

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