India and Terrorism

India faces terrorism within and abroad. Indians in Afghanistan are targets of terrorism. Asking Pakistan to hand over terrorists has not helped. When the evidence is presented to Pakistan’s foreign secretary he calls it literature.
India must stop asking Pakistan to hand over terrorists. India must declare that they are wanted dead or alive and announce prizes for anyone who hands them over dead or alive.
The places from where terrorist activity takes place must be destroyed by missiles.
There are people who say war is not an option. They are afraid that missile attacks will lead to war. War should not be ruled out as an option.
Pakistan wants to dominate Afghanistan and does not want India’s presence there. America wants to get out of Afghanistan and has set the deadline. It wants Pakistan to help it. Pakistan in return wants America to keep India out of Afghanistan.
India should not come under pressure from any country.
Terrorism within should be crushed whoever engages in it. Whether the person is a Sadhvi or Lieutenant Colonel or a Naxal or a Jehadi is immaterial. Cases should be decided soon.
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