Impeach Pratibha Patil

As per one report India’s President Pratibha Patil has refused to reject mercy petitions of murderers sentenced to death penalty. She follows Home Ministry’s advice only when it is to commute death penalty to life imprisonment.
K. R. Narayanan did not clear any file regarding mercy petitions when he was President. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam decided on two mercy petitions: one he rejected, another he commuted. Pratibha Patil inherited them and four about two years she did nothing and the number of pending petitions reached 28. Then the Home Ministry reached an understanding with the President that one file will be cleared per month.
It seems Home Minister P. Chidambaram met Pratibha Patil over her refusal to reject mercy petitions and it has been decided when Pratibha Patil does not reject a mercy petition the file will be recalled by the Home Ministry and sent again asking either commutation to life imprisonment or reiteration of death penalty.
Pratibha Patil became President because Prakash Karat vetoed the candidature of Shivraj Patil, Karan Singh and others and he did not know about Pratibha Patil. The Government of India should send all pending mercy petitions together to Pratibha Patil and ask her to reject them. If she refuses she should be impeached and removed from office.
In 1980 the Supreme Court delivered the judgment that death penalty shall be awarded in rarest of rare cases. After that murders went up and started to take place anywhere. Soon there was terrorism.
The then Governments should have been tough with K. R. Narayanan and A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. They let things drift.
India must have a law that makes death penalty obligatory for murder, attempted murder, acid throwing, abduction, hijacking, kidnapping, high cases of corruption and character assassination. India, according to some, is worse than a banana republic. Policemen are attacked and murdered and the murderers get away. When some murderers are caught their comrades abduct someone and the prisoners are let off to secure the release of the abducted person.
Those who oppose death penalty do not consider the sufferings of victims. The opponents call themselves human rights activists but they are murder rights activists. They mislead people in various ways. Sometimes they lie that murders have come down in countries where death penalty is abolished.
When a criminal gets suitable punishment it deters others from committing such crimes. As Rupal Deol Bajaj said “Ruchika Girhotra would not have been molested if K. P. S. Gill had not been given Padma Shri.” Many of the murders and terrorist acts would not have taken place if there was death penalty for every murder.
The Parliament is in session now. The Government must act fast. Pratibha Patil must reject mercy petitions or she should go.
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  1. Pratibha Patil is a rubber stanp, robot or the remote control for congress and above all so called an Italian lady Soni Gandi.

    Such president should not onlly removed from office but to be thrown out even from India.


  2. what abt social crimes ?

  3. Hey great post! I’m excited I came across it!

  4. I would disagree with you. Do you think most murderers and rapists are aware of the death penalty when they decide to rape and kill? These are social problems that have to be dealt with legally as well as socially, psychologically, spiritually, etc. It’s not so simplistic as to attack the president for her views against the death penalty!

    I don’t like Pratibha Patil as president because I think a woman candidate with a stronger record should have been elected but I would defend her choice against the death penalty.

  5. Many murders are planned well in advance and when murderers know they will
    not be hanged they are bold and sometimes commit murders openly. A crime
    is a crime and needs to be dealt as such. It should not be treated as a
    social, spiritual or psychological problem. In 1980 Supreme Court
    restricted death penalty to rarest of rare cases and murders became more
    and open. Murders began to take place in the presence of many people.
    Terrorism began after that. There are khap panchayats that order murder.
    When first such case took place if the murderers had been hanged there
    would not have been further murders by khap panchayats.

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