Hoax calls

There are various types of hoax calls. There are radio jockeys who impersonate others. One radio jockey impersonated Hugo Chavez and called Fidel Castro. After some talk the jockey called Castro a murderer. Castro was furious and turned abusive. Sarah Palin was a victim of hoax call. She took it humorously.
Death of Jacintha Saldanha led to debates on hoax calls also known as prank calls. Some anchors said everybody who heard the call laughed in the beginning and turned serious after the death. They are wrong. Many were furious that the privacy of a pregnant woman was violated. The jockeys apologised but were happy at the publicity they got. A few days after the death they appeared on TV and shed tears.
It is said that 2Day FM had got into trouble before. Perhaps there was not enough outrage or legal action to stop them from doing illegal acts. Some in radio broadcast claim when they make prank calls they let the person know that it is a prank call and with their consent they broadcast the recording. It seems every radio station does not do that.
There are hoax calls that cause inconvenience to people. Some call to say there is a bomb in a plane or in a building. Flight is delayed or building is vacated. There has to be suitable punishment for such hoax calls. If the flight was to carry 327 people then the punishment should be 327 years rigorous imprisonment. If 1,600 people had to vacate the building then the punishment should be 1,600 years rigorous imprisonment.

Updated: December 13, 2012 — 7:35 am

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