Happy New Year 2008

I wish all Happy New Year 2008.
May 2008 bring peace to all. May it end conflicts. Let everyone have peace within himself or herself. Let there be peace among couples, families, communities and nations.
Let there be peace in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma. Let issues between India and Pakistan be resolved peacefully. Let there be peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. Let there be peace in Darfur, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Let there be peace in every other place.
May justice triumph. Let the backlog of cases in courts disappear. Let justice be fast. Let crime cease. Let corruption cease. Let victims get justice. Let victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, 1992 post Babri Mosque demolition riots, 1993 Bombay riots and 2002 Gujarat riots and other riots get justice. Let victims of murders, mutilation, rape, forced sexual acts, battery, assault, hijacking, kidnapping, financial and other frauds, cheating, theft, robbery, morphing and other crimes get justice.
Let everyone have enough of food, clothing and shelter. Let there be no starvation death.
Let there be no armament race. Let NATO be disbanded. Let money spent on armed forces and weapons be reduced and spent on people.
Let all good people prosper.
It is good if Orthodox Churches adopt Gregorian calendar. Orthodox Churches are clinging on to Julian calendar. Russia, Greece and East European countries follow Gregorian calendar. Members of Orthodox Churches have to follow two calendars: Julian calendar for religions purposes and Gregorian calendar for othe purposes.
Let no one hesitate to marry in 2008 because it is a leap year. One may not choose 29 February as the wedding date because anniversary will be once in four years.

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