Father of India

Mohandas Gandhi, known as Father of the Nation, has competition. Narendra Modi is called Father of India.
It began on 17/9/2019 on the birthday of Modi. Some called him father of the country. Some opposed that and said Gandhi is the only Father of the Nation.
On 24/9/2019 Modi met Donald Trump in New York who called him Father of India and compared Howdy Modi event at NRG Stadium on 22/9/2019 to that of Elvis Presley. Trump said there was lot of fighting and dissension in India and Modi brought it all together.
Reactions to Trump statement are varied. Some are happy that Trump called Modi Father of India. Some say Subhash Chandra Bose is Father or Godfather of India. Some say Gandhi is Father of India. Some say the country is the mother of all Indians and nobody is Father of India.
Interestingly some men have named their daughters India and each one of them can claim to be Father of India. Louis Mountbatten’s granddaughter was named India. Her father David Hicks can say he is Father of India.
India Drummond is an author. India Allen is an actress. India Birley is an artist. India Eisley is an actress. India Knight is a journalist. India Harris is a diplomat. There are some India Mitchells. One is a retired police officer. Others have different professions like architect, real estate agent and so on
Jonty Rhodes named his daughter India.
There was India Edwards who died on 14/1/1990. She was born on 16/6/1895. India Wilkes is a character in Gone with the Wind. India Catalina was from Colombia. Her real name is not known. She died in 1529.

Updated: September 25, 2019 — 12:29 pm

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  1. Enjoyed the wry humor in the last part.

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