Fall of David Cameron

When David Cameron became Prime Minister for the second time in May 2015 he was expected to last full term. In his first term his Conservative Party did not have majority in the House of Commons. He ran a coalition government with Liberal Party as partner and Nicholas (Nick) William Peter Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister. In May 2015 his party had majority. Labour and Liberal parties had lost seats. It was smooth sailing.
Many Conservative MPs were unhappy with EU and wanted British exit from EU. David Cameron had promised Brexit referendum.
David Cameron meddled in affairs where he should not have. He commented on on-going Republican primaries in USA. He called Donald Trump stupid.
Brexit referendum divided Conservative Party and many other parties. It put an end to Boris Johnson and David Cameron friendship.
David Cameron campaigned against Brexit. He got foreigners involved in Brexit. Barack Obama said if Britain left EU it will have to go to end of queue for trade deal. USA will have a trade deal with EU first. IMF President Christine Lagarde spoke against Brexit.
After losing the referendum David Cameron announced his resignation which was to be effective first week of October after his party elects a new leader. In most countries his successor would have been elected in a day. In UK, Conservative Party opted for a long process where MPs in House of Commons vote and candidates are out one by one till two remain and then 1,50,000 party members elect the leader. His party began the process of election of new leader and fixed 9 September as the date for voting by 1,50,000 party members. When Margaret Thatcher resigned and John Major succeeded this long process was not there.
There were five candidates. Liam Fox was the first to go. Then Stephen Crabb quit. That left three candidates for the second round on 7/7/2016. Michael Gove lost. Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom were left. It seemed there would a bitter contest or a catfight between the two. Suddenly Andrea Leadsom quit the contest on 11/7/2016. Graham Brady, chairman of the Conservative Private Members’ Committee, popularly known as 1922 Committee, announced Theresa May as the new PM.
David Cameron could have remained neutral on Brexit. Or he could have said he will honour the referendum and invoke Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty to bring UK out of EU. Having aggressively campaigned against Brexit he said he did not want to invoke Article 50. Theresa May was not in favour of Brexit. Once the result was out she said “Brexit means Brexit.” Theresa May was Home Secretary. Her full designation was Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department.

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