Fall of CBI

On 14 December 2009 Jammu & Kashmir High Court said CBI report is not gospel truth. The report was about Shopian case dealing with rape and murder of two women. The CBI report said there was no rape and murder and deaths were due to drowning and the evidence of rape and murder was fabricated. The people of Kashmir are angry. Previously Kashmir sex scandal case was handed over to CBI and CBI’s record in that case had made the people of Kashmir lose confidence in CBI.

Over the years CBI has lost credibility. In many cases state police did a good job. After the case was handed over to CBI it was disaster. Cases of Aarushi-Hemraj murders, Scarlett Keeling murder and Telgi fake stamp paper cases suffered after they were handed over to CBI. Rajesh Talwar, Aarushi’s father, who was under arrest, was let off by CBI. CBI arrested three persons but did not file chargesheet within 90 days and the three got bail. In Rizwanur Rahman murder case CBI said it was suicide. In Telgi fake stamp paper case the amount of Rs.37,000 crores got reduced to few hundred crore rupees. There was narco test and name(s) of some politician(s) had come out but there was no investigation on that front.

Most of the time CBI is used for cover-up or to harass the opponents of the people in power at Centre.

CBI investigated Jain hawala case under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Nothing came of it. All were ultimately acquitted.

CBI’s stand on Taj corridor case kept changing depending on who was in power at the Centre and in UP and the equation between the two.
People who are fools ask any crimes to be investigated by CBI.

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