Explusion of Jaswant Singh

BJP expelled Jaswant Singh on 19/8/2009. He was its member since its founding in 1980. When NDA was in power he was Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and for sometime held additional portofolio of Defence. He was to take part in BJP’s chinthan baithak in Simla on that day. He was told not to attend.

Jaswant Singh’s book Jinnah — India, Partition, Independence was first criticized by Congress for what he said about Nehru. That was not a problem for BJP or RSS. They were offended because Jaswant Singh had criticized Vallabhbhai Patel. That caused expulsion of Jaswant Singh. Jaswant Singh should have known that his book would be unpopular with many Indians.

Praising Jinnah got Advani in trouble in 2005. Jaswant Singh had researched for his book. He did not lay all the blame for partition on Jinnah.

It is necessary for all Indians to view history in proper perspective. Jinnah was a Congress member. He left it and joined Muslim League. In 1937 elections Congress won most seats and formed provincial governments. Muslim League did not do well. If Jinnah expected coalition governments he was mistaken. In 1940 resolution for Pakistan was passed and on 16 August 1946 Jinnah called for Direct Action for the creation of Pakistan.

India’s national motto is Satyameva Jayate — truth always triumphs. If Indians and Pakistanis accept that their leaders were not perfect many problems will be solved. There will be peace between India and Pakistan. Money spent on defence will be reduced and will be spent on solving problems of hunger, disease, illiteracy, drought and so on. India and Pakistan need more people who write what is right.

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