Enemies of rape victims

People in general must beware of enemies of rape victims. These enemies do not want justice for rape victims. They call themselves human rights activists or women’s rights activists. Their ways are subtle and misleading. They oppose severe punishment for rape by saying they want certainty of punishment and not severity of punishment. When a case of gang rape or rape by unknown person is mentioned they want to divert attention by saying 75% or 90% of rapes are committed by persons known to victims. They oppose castration or death penalty for rape by saying these are barbaric and we are a civilized country. They do not talk about the barbarity of rape. They ignore there is nothing civilized about rape. They talk of patriarchy, male gaze, mindset, item numbers and other non-issues. Patriarchy does not say men should rape women. They talk of male gaze as if every male is a rapist. They talk of changing mindsets instead of punishing rapists. Blaming item numbers for rapes is silly. Some from Bollywood also do that. For them it is a case of sour grapes. Nobody hires them for item numbers.
In Saudi Arabia there is death by stoning for rape. If death by stoning deters rape so be it. Rape is a crime and should be dealt as a crime. It is wrong to talk of culture, economics, sociology and such things when talking about rape.
Gang rape of a photojournalist at Shakti Mill on 22nd August has become a talking point as if it is the first rape in Bombay. There have been many rapes. A criminal broke in the flat of a Spanish woman in Bandra and raped her. He had burgled in the area before. There were no demonstrations or processions at that time. TV channels have ignored rapes of foreign women that have taken place all over the country. Many foreigners avoid Goa because of the rapes and murders of foreigners. Nobody was punished. Rajasthan had a good record of fast track courts. Now nothing is heard.
Enemies of rape victims are defenders of rapists. They surreptitiously justify rape by giving various reasons. They oppose lowering of age of juveniles from 18 to 16 and trying juvenile rapists as adults. They shed crocodile tears for rape victims. They talk of poverty, illiteracy and joblessness as reasons for rape while ignoring large number of poor and illiterate people who do jobs and earn money and do not commit crimes. Saying being poor, uneducated and jobless are reasons for rape is to insult a vast majority of poor and uneducated people who work hard and earn their money.
In DPS MMS case one anchor expressed sympathy for the offender saying Oh he is just a boy. She did not think of the harm done to the girl. She did not express support to the victim. Shame on that anchor. The judge let off the boy lightly.
Many rapes don’t get reported. Shakti Mill rapists had committed rapes before. They had clicked photographs of victims and threatened to make them public if the victims went to police. They did the same to the photojournalist and were sure she would not go to police. Many rapists start with petty crimes that go unpunished.
Enemies of rape victims want to call rape victims as rape survivors as if they survived some natural calamity or bravehearts. There is no shame in being a victim and euphemisms should be avoided.
Women chief ministers, women judges, and policewomen have not made a difference for better for rape victims. One woman judge let off rapists lightly. In one case the imprisonment was till the rising of the court i.e., 5 p.m.
Our legal system needs to change. We should do away with lawyers. Rapists and other criminals should hire lawyers at their expense. Government should not provide lawyers to them. If rapists cannot afford lawyers so be it. Shame on lawyers who defend rapists and molesters. Rapists should be punished even if rape victims do not report rapes or deny rapes. Many times rape victims do not report rapes because they are ashamed or threatened. When there is evidence of rape action must be taken at rapists.

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  1. Every word is true Vincent….from the quantum of punishment going out to a rapist it would seem that all of us are on his side….the rapist n Mumbai showed no signs of remorse when he was produced before the magistrate…leniency for such scoundrels?they deserve to be stoned to death and every rapist’s face should be widely displayed in that city so that he has no place to hide his monstrous face.

  2. Excellent! How true each word is!
    I believe capital punishment or full life imprisonment is the only solution to this.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more Vincent. The State of affairs is so bad and still the attitude is “Chalta hai”.

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