Elizabeth II and fur coat

Some people have criticized Elizabeth II for wearing a fur coat on Christmas Day which she had worn many times before, first time publicly in 1961 when she visited India. They are fanatics and intolerant. They have no respect for rights of other peoples.
Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid Charity said “The Queen should not be wearing fur – it’s as simple as that. This is 2013 and no right-thinking person would wear fur. Fur is now unfashionable amongst right-minded people. People know how cruel it is to get fur. It’s cruel and uncivilised. ” It is not illegal to wear fur in UK and the queen has every right to wear fur. It is her choice. Andrew Tyler’s intolerance reminds Taliban. It is not for Andrew Tyler to decide what is fashionable and what is unfashionable, who is right-minded and who is wrong-minded. Besides, one has a right to wear what is unfashionable.
PETA is known for throwing colour on fur coats. Victims of such vandalism should have reported the crimes to police and had the criminals put behind bars. They did not do that. This year PETA launched a campaign to give homeless people unwanted fur coats. A spokesperson of PETA said “We donate any coats that we don’t cover in fake blood for a demonstration to homeless people who can’t afford to buy their own coats – after all, the homeless people are the only people who have any excuse for wearing fur.
How can Queen Elizabeth – who had to be taught why people loved Diana, a non-hunting, fur-free vegetarian – not yet have learned what’s right and wrong and abandoned fur, the product of immense suffering.
Animals are routinely strangled, electrocuted and skinned alive for their pelts. Fur farming was banned in 2000 because it’s a cruel industry that no longer represents British values. We truly hope that the Queen gets with these more enlightened times and chooses to wear something more humane in the future.”
PETA don’t preach. People don’t need an excuse to wear fur. They have a right to wear fur. PETA members should stop throwing colour on fur coats. That behaviour is uncivilised and a crime. If wearing a fur coat is wrong nobody should wear it. If PETA members are so concerned about homeless people they should contribute money to homeless people to buy proper clothes. Taking away fur coats from people who own them with the threat of throwing fake blood if they keep them, and donating fur coats to homeless people is robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Victims of PETA attacks unite. Report the crimes to police. Sue PETA for damages. Wear fur coats and hold demonstrations in front of PETA offices.
It is good to love animals but wrong to carry it to absurd lengths. PETA members should apologise to their victims and pay compensation.

Updated: December 28, 2013 — 7:38 am

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  1. You said ” They are fanatics & intolerant.They have no respect for rights of other people” As tolerant people. I guess we should allow you to give your view point which is relevant in some ways. As for others who think otherwise, they may feel that the impact of actions of a queen or celebrity is not something involving one person but has far reaching messages for a society.As a tolerant individual, I hope you will let that be although you may still have objections to the acts of PETA. Regards

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