Diversions from rape cases

There are many rape cases pending in courts. The focus should be on how to decide those cases quickly so that victims get justice. Instead many people want to divert attention from them.
Some talk of many victims getting raped by people known to them, either in family or outside. Their figures range from 75% to 95%. They don’t talk about getting justice to victims who have reported rape. They don’t talk about fast investigation and prosecution, corruption in police and judiciary. Many times police are insensitive because they have bribed to get their posts and they want to recover the amount. They want money to register cases. Corruption is a major reason why many rape victims do not get justice.
Some blame TV serials and films though most TV serials and films do not have rape scenes and as if there were no rapes before TV serials and films. Bollywood is a soft target for many and item numbers are a particular target. The defendants of item numbers have countered the critics by saying there is beautification of women in item numbers and not commodification and objectification, and the songs are entertainment. The critics want to redefine entertainment. They are not different from Taliban. Someone said Jumma chumma de de song is gang rape to music. He should have his head examined.
The talk of patriarchal society, changing mindsets, and police coming from society is immaterial. Police are paid to do a job. They should do it. It is not for them to decide what should be on TV serials. When a police commissioner says nobody condemns pre-marital and extra-marital scenes in TV serials there is a problem. His job is to uphold law and not to play censor.
We should resist lobbies that oppose death penalty, castration, reducing juvenile age. Such lobbies are allowed to exercise far more influence than their numbers. Rapists and murderers have come out of prison and committed more crimes. Supreme Court judges who reduce death sentences of rapists and murderers to life sentences to great injustice to the country in general and victims in particular.
Some talk of men feeling threatened because women assert themselves as if all men turn to rape. Such generalization and oversimplification should be avoided.
India is Bharat. Bharat is India. If anyone says rapes take place in cities and not in villages he is lying or is a fool, idiot, imbecile and moron. Talking of cities as India and villages as Bharat should stop.

Updated: January 17, 2013 — 8:00 am

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