Defence of Death Penalty

In 17 countries there are laws against denial of Holocaust. Imprisonment is from one year to 10 years. France had passed a law against denial of Armenian Genocide. The French Constitutional Council struck down that law. Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus and Slovakia have laws against denial of Armenian Genocide. India should have a law against opposition to death penalty for murder and other high crimes.
Abetment to murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, false claim to have committed murder in order to mislead police and judiciary and/or to debunk and discredit death penalty, threat to murder, abduction, acid throwing, threat to throw acid, banditry, character assassination, drug trafficking, highway robbery, hijacking, human trafficking, kidnapping, leakage of question papers of public examinations, CAT, CET, JEE and such tests, double rape, repeat rape, gang rape, revenge porn, hoax call or message about bomb in building, plane, train, ship, bus or any other vehicle, terrorist act, transmission and/or uploading of nude pictures to cause damage to someone are high crimes. Adultery, apostasy, blasphemy, heresy, schism, and killing of cow are not high crimes.
Punishment to individuals who oppose death penalty should be minimum three years jail. Associations opposing death penalty should be banned and members put in jail. Newspapers, magazines, books, TV channels and other media opposing death penalty should be shut down and their owners, editors, anchors, printers, publishers put in jail. If a TV channel is owned by husband and wife both should be in jail.
Once the President rejects a mercy petition of a person sentenced to death it should be the end of the matter and the convict should be hanged. Any lawyer who approaches any court against President’s rejection should be hanged.
Any film or TV serial or episode in a TV serial that opposes death penalty or wants to show that the convict sentenced to death is not guilty should be banned.
Sometimes question papers of Board Examinations are leaked and lakhs of students are made to suffer for no fault of theirs by appearing for re-examinations.
Government of India should bring an Ordinance that makes death penalty mandatory in every case of murder and other high crimes. The law should be passed in the next session of Parliament. Death penalty can be by beheading, blowing up with dynamite, hanging or other means. Those who behead others should be beheaded. Those who plant bombs should be blown up with dynamite, whether bombs explode or not.

Updated: May 6, 2018 — 6:35 pm


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  1. That sounds a little savage!

    I’m not against death penalty, however. Give subhuman criminals death if their crimes are serious enough, but why not an easy death?

  2. You have very strong views considering that we live in a democracy…
    While your anguish is understandable, jailing people having contrary views appears to be harsh.

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