Crime and phone tapping

Outlook has come out with second instalment on telephone tapping. This includes a bureaucrat who wanted Rs.8 crores bribe, a minister in UP who wanted a bribe from engineer and the wife of an air vice marshal who talked to a beautician about prostitution racket.
Corrupt people whose conversations have been tapped must be exposed. Recently there have been some cases of high profile corruption. Two bureaucrats in India’s home ministry have been arrested. One of them took bribes for approving bulletproof jackets. Head of MCI who took bribes to grant recognition to medical colleges has been arrested. Three persons in CRPF who sold arms and ammunition to Naxals have been arrested. Naxals had used those arms and ammunition against CRPF jawans in Dantewada.
There must be many bureaucrats who have taken bribes whose conversations are tapped. The bureaucrat who took Rs.8 crores bribe must have taken bribes before that.
An industrialist had sent a starlet to Calcutta. Who wanted the starlet in Calcutta? What did the industrialist received for sending the starlet? Who was the starlet?
Tatas have defended their PR firm saying theirs was legitimate lobbying.
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